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Are you an organiser of an event or course and being frustrated for paying a huge amount for its promotion?

Or an student who doesn’t get to see every opportunity available out there since the Big Advertising platform have created the monpoly and taking a huge amount for publishing about events?

At Avocato’xta, we believe that the Information should be freely available to all without any major costs. and hence it is your final destination for organisers to get your events promoted as per your needs and  for students to find even the smallest opportunity to be a part of.

Here are the things you’ll find on Avocato’xta:

Opportunities: Call for papers, essay competitions, seminars, courses, law school fests, moot court competitions, fellowships, PDs, MUNs and every opportunity which you can avail.

Internship Experiences: Internship experiences of law students at various places: lawyers, NGOs, law firms, companies etc.  which will provide you with the perspective about the value of the internship.

Career Advice: Advice related to  internships, mooting,  career options in law, curating a CV etc. are shared in this section.

Note: In case you want to submit/share a post, and that could be an opportunity/event, internship experience, news piece or a blog post, please check the top bar on the site, Sign in/Join and submit your post. Alternatively, you can refer this PDF.

Do let us know if you have any comment or suggestion to make. 



Team Avocato’xta